Along the years we have developed partnerships with institutions both public and private, Peruvian and foreign alike. With them we share commitment and passion, as well as our expertise and knowledge as we continue to learn every day while working together. In some cases we have written agreements, and in others it is a deeper sort of common understanding and trust.

Among them are:

  1. Association ANIA – For the implementation of Tierra de Niños in schools of Bongara and Leymebamba.
  2. Matias Cilloniz: Provides culinary advise and training to GNC; and capacity building in nutrition to community women.
  3. Hatun Runa – US NGO that focuses its work in the Leymebamba area, providing solar energy systems, medical resources and expertise to rural health posts as well as educational resources to area schools.
  4. Municipality of Valera – To provide technical support and facilitate result-oriented initiatives.
  5. PROMENAD Architects – For the design of main village buildings in accordance with the community vision and local regulation.
  6. Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza University – For environmental research and capacity building.
  7. Roots and Shoots Foundation – To connect children and youngsters in Valera with those in the world to share and learn from each other under the leadership of Dr. Jane Goodall.
  8. SAMCORP – Peruvian firm that funded two years of the Sierra Productiva Programme now ready to scale up.
  9. Sierra Productiva – For the implementation of the sustainable development programme in the Valera district.
  10. Wayra – Provide technical support to train women weavers to produce higher quality products improving organic dying, promoting the use of natural materials, while learning about meeting market demands.