Men and women need to gain skills and capacities in order to strengthen their self esteem, make sound choices and strong commitments, as local economies grow. There are enough resources in the world to meet this challenge.

Ongoing activities and programs:

  • Volunteers Programme: We started this one in May 2015 with the support of USES in Peru and CINO in Finland. So far we have received a software engineer and a communication specialist are currently teaching English and computing in 8 schools of the district of Valera over a nine-month period. They are also teaching English to adults.
  • We are working to establish a platform to inform and channel volunteers willing to spend valuable time in the community in a mutual exchange of expertise and knowledge. Professionals early retired or interested to have a sabbatical may teach languages, arts, sports, music or provide technical training, to children and adults, while living one year or more in a beautiful town in the cloud forest. We aim at building an continuous program to fill the educational gap to a certain extent.
  • Technical Assistance: Following our agreement with the Municipality of Valera we provide technical assistance in policy design and training to improve efficiency and strengthen management capacities. Experts in areas such as solid waste management, environmental protection, sustainable technologies and tourism, are invited to discuss feasible solutions and to elaborate projects for funding. Our top priority now is to contribute with the completion of the Plan for Urban and Rural Development to guide and regulate the ongoing development process. Two challenges to be met are: 1. To build and consolidate a single vision of sustainability with the community, and 2. To assure the population’s and authorities’ commitment and ability to enforce.